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Purrform Complete Raw Diet contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals amino acids, and trace elements that your cat requires on a daily basis, to live a happy, healthy and contented life.
We do offer a breeder scheme. Once you have registered with us and provided us with your TICA, GCCF or FIFE Breeding Licence, your account will be approved by a member of our team, and you will be able to enjoy our breeder discounts and provide a 10% Gift card to your new kitten owners to encourage them to continue on feeding raw.

The discount is mainly applied on our 450g tubs with the exception of our Tub Trial Pack. You will also be eligible for our loyalty points scheme.

Please be advised that the minimum order for breeders is 20 tubs and these can be purchased in multiples of 5 of each flavour.

We can also send you information leaflets to hand out as well, which give advice on our products and the many benefits, to encourage new kitten owners to continue feeding raw. We feel that all breeders should look at the composition of cat foods when deciding which foods to feed. In particular, when buying food for the Queens, it is especially important to make an informed judgement on the nutritional content. We are happy to advise you that our ‘simply pure and natural complete raw diet’ consists solely of raw meat, bone & offal, in the correct ratio, to mimic that of a cat’s natural prey.

The fact that the food is raw is the key element, as any form of heating or cooking ingredients, can destroy the nutrients. These would then need to be artificially added back in.

Remember that cats are obligate carnivores, designed to eat a high protein, raw meat diet. Their digestive systems are highly adapted for this. Their stomachs have a low PH and are highly acidic, to digest protein efficiently and fight off the risk of any potential pathogens from their raw prey. They do not lack the enzymes to digest a high amount of carbohydrates or vegetable matter.

Feeding your Queen a raw meat and bone diet could have many benefits, including a softer and shinier coat, increased energy, greater alertness and better oral health. In addition, the nutrients contained in the Purrform diet can give rise to stronger, healthier, plumper kittens.

Due to the high digestibility of the product, the cats will eat less and most of what they eat will be utilised by their bodies. This means they will produce consistent, smaller, more compact stools with little odour. It should also help prevent many of the common diseases and health conditions found in cats. Foods that are not highly digestible may cause excessive gas (flatulence), loose stools/diarrhoea, or conversely, foods that contain too much bone, or carbohydrate, can cause your cat to become constipated and may lead to longer-term health issues.

PurrForm complete raw meat and bone diet is available in 450g tubs to accommodate breeders’ needs, making it an easier and more cost-effective way to serve both a multi-cat household and hungry kittens. Therefore, the tubs are also ideal, for new kitten owners. Once the kittens get to around 9 months old, owners can move over to the 70g pouches, if they wish, which are easy to store & serve, with no wastage, if owners have only 1 cat.
We also do a weaning paste for kittens, which is highly nutritious and starts your kittens on the right path to a healthier existence, helping them to be in prime condition, put on weight and be full of vitality.

Feeding PurrForm not only has many health benefits, but it is easy and convenient to thaw and serve. It is a complete, balanced and nutritious diet, high in protein, made with natural ingredients, and can be solely fed to your cats every day, without any additional wet or dry food.

In general, high-quality ingredients are more digestible & palatable than those of low quality.

Purrform raw diet can appear to cost slightly more than some other processed wet or dry foods but remember that a good quality food can have the following benefits:-

  • More digestible, so you can feed less, as your cat will feel fuller for longer
  • Highly palatable
  • High in protein, made from high quality, lean meat
  • Better overall health
  • Softer, shinier coat; Increased energy; Greater alertness; Better oral health.
  • Less vet visits
  • Drier, more compact stools, meaning less litter
  • Complete diet, so no need to feed alongside any other type of food

To register as a breeder:

  • On the Purrform site, click on the ‘person’ symbol – top right
  • Select ‘Register’
  • Select ‘Breeder’
  • Fill out your breeder details including your TICA/GCCF/FIFE registration number or prefix
  • Send us your breeder certificate reflecting your prefix to for verification and authorisation
  • Once you have been approved, you can begin to enjoy our breeder scheme discounts!

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Should you wish to have any further help or information, please either email us or give us a call. We are always happy to help!
Tel: 0800 909 8099
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