What is the similarity
between a Cheetah, Lion,
Tiger and domestic cat?

Purrform Difference

They are all obligate carnivores.
This means that by necessity your cat needs to eat a raw diet high in protein

The benefits of
Purrform raw cat food

Purrform Goodness on every plate
Purrform Goodness
Purrform Paw

Increased Vitality

Purrform Paw

Naturally Palatable

Purrform Paw

Easily digestible

PurrForm raw cat food
starts from as little as only £1.36 per day!

Purrform Goodness

How to transition your cat to PurrForm raw cat food.

Switching your kitten or cat onto a raw diet could have tremendous health benefits. It is ideal to start your kitten on a raw diet at an early age. A kitten can easily transition in 4-6 days. The key to transition for an adult cat is patience and could take up to 2 weeks, sometimes more.

Need to know how much to feed your cat?

Our cat food calculator is coming soon! - Please visit again soon.

Super fine minced

For baby kitten from 4 to 8 weeks old.

Purrform Kitten 4-8 weeks

See our weaning paste

Finely minced

For kittens above 8 weeks to 9 months old.

Purrform Kitten 8 weeks to 9 months

See our Kitten range

Coarsely minced

For adult cat above the age of 9 months old.

Purrform cat from 9 month plus

See our Adult cat range
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