Frankenprey diet

What is the meaning of Frankenprey diet?
The Frankenprey diet means that you can feed a variety of parts of whole animals which over time will simulate a whole prey diet, including cut portions of meat and bone, and whole organ meats. By giving a variety of raw meat and bone it is believed that cats would get a balanced diet over the course of a week

PurrForm offer a whole range of meat on the bone products as well as offal which are very important in a cat’s diet. The suggested ratio for the Frankenprey diet is 80% meat, 10% bone and ideally a maximum 5% kidney and 5% liver. Heart is considered as a muscle meat so this can form part of the 80% meat suggested above.
Of course this is only to be used as a general guideline

All our meat and offal are frozen individually to ensure that you can defrost a small quantity of each at a time. This a is very convenient way to ensure that you get little or no wastage.

The Frankenprey diet can perhaps be slightly messier as your cat might be inclined to drag it’s food off and play with it before eating it but this is normal behaviour and all part of the enjoyment for your cat!!

Eating “Meat on Bone” diet is psychologically stimulating and good for your cat’s teeth and this is closest to what they would eat in the wild. The gnawing and tearing required when a cat eats whole “Meats on Bone” diet is what helps keep a cat’s teeth clean, gums stimulated and jaws exercised. Dental health is extremely important to a cat’s overall
health, so this aspect of feeding a whole “Meat on Bone” diet is a real benefit. If your cat is currently eating PurrForm meat and bone ground diet, you might want to introduce some whole meats in chunks big enough to require some “work” to eat. Get them using those side teeth.

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