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Our story

Beatrix was to be the chosen one! She came from a well-known breeder who has a tremendous knowledge of cats. We went to collect Beatrix in December 2010 and the breeder went through all the paperwork and gave us some tips on looking after cats.The breeder also gave us a few kilos of frozen minced raw rabbit and bone to feed Beatrix back at home!!!

I didn’t really question the breeder on why she was feeding all her cats and kittens on raw meat and bone diet and didn’t think too much of it at the time. Once Trixie (as she became known) had finished all her raw minced and bone rabbit she was converted onto commercial cat food without any questions being asked.

A few weeks later her stools were soft and had more odour than before. Tiffany was in the same boat. It is a shame that the breeder never explained the reason why she was feeding all her cats on raw meat and bone diet. If she had explained the benefits I would probably have done my research and stuck to the raw diet. Suddenly I realised that if Trixie’s stools had changed it was due to the change of diet. I went onto the internet and started looking at raw diet feeding for felines. I found a supplier for minced meat and bone diet and placed an order straight away. Both Tiffany and Trixie were gradually converted back onto a raw food diet. After a few weeks I noticed that their stools were smaller and odourless which was amazing! I also realised that the portions required were far less by feeding them raw meat and bone diet than for a commercial food. As the raw meat and bone diet is predominantly protein, which it is what cats thrive on, they utilise more of the food matter so less is rejected in the farces.

The raw meat and bone diet could only be purchased in a frozen 1kg block and I had to saw the frozen block into 3 pieces to make sure that the meat was not sitting in the fridge for too long!!

After a year of sawing I had enough and whilst on holiday the business idea came to me. Why not make frozen raw meat and bone food for cats in 70g pouches for easy storage and serving. PurrForm was born!

I adore my cats. In the last 2 ½ years I have expanded my knowledge and read extensively about cats, particularly their nutritional requirements. Above all as a human being who made the decision to have cats as pets I have learnt to respect them and treat them in the best possible way.These felines in the wild would eat freshly killed prey. They would eat the whole animal – meat, bone, fur and all!

As owners of cats, I believe we have the responsibility to give them an appropriate diet, as close as possible to what they would eat in the wild.I am a strong advocate of the raw food diet not because it is a trend but because this is how a cat should be fed. It is their natural diet and doesn’t contain grains, soya, additives or preservatives.

There is a lot of education needed for pet owners, regarding raw food diets, to promote all the benefits associated with feeding this type of diet.Cats are obligate carnivores and require a diet rich in protein to sustain a healthy life style.

PurrForm is trying to remain as close to nature as possible by producing pouches with no additives, preservatives or any palatant enhancements.

All recipes are grain-free with high protein made from human grade meat. PurrForm pure and natural raw diet is a complementary cat food.

I hope my story will inspire you to do your own research and see for yourself the many benefits associated this particular diet for your cats.

If you decide to try PurrForm pure and natural cat food I hope your cat will enjoy it as much as mine! You will also benefit from the ease and the convenience of a 70g portion… no sawing require!!

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