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Subscription Ordering

  • Choose your cat preferred food from our range of quality products.
  • Decide how often you would like your cat food delivered, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • We'll automatically process your order and deliver it to you on the selected day that you have chosen.
  • If you need to stop your subscription you will be able to do this at anytime, just allow a minimum of 48 hours cancellation.

How it works

  • By using our subscription ordering, you can get your cat food delivered, with ease, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. No more missed orders, or racking your brain to remember.
  • Have your favourite cat food available at all times.
  • Your delivery will always arrive, without fail, on a regular basis, without so much as the touch of a button.....makes sense?
  • Do you want an easier life? Then set up your subscription ordering NOW, it’s simple to do.

Need help setting up or managing your subscription? Try one of our videos below:

Purrform Subscription



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