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Your Questions Answered

Is Purrform a complete food?


What do the words complete cat food mean?

A complete cat food provides the full range of nutrients that your pet needs to stay healthy. This means that the food can be fed on its own, without the need to combine it with any other food products or supplements. So, choosing a complete food, such as Purrform, means that your pet’s nutritional requirements are met on a daily basis.

What does 80 -10 -10 ratio mean?

80% protein, 10% bone, 10% offal. It is mostly used for dogs fed on a BARF diet. The dog BARF diet guidelines should consist of the following:- 70% muscle meat, 10% raw edible bone, 7% vegetables, 5% liver, 5% other secreting organ, 2% seeds or nuts, and 1% fruit.

Does the 80 -10 -10 ratio mean that a cat food is complete?

No, It means that it is a complementary food and that you will also have to feed a complete food alongside it, to ensure that your cat gets all the vitamins, minerals etc, that it requires on a daily basis. If the food is not complete, this could have a long-term negative impact on your cat’s health.

How do I know if Purrform is a complete food?

All our food is complete, with the exception of any of our Whole Prey diet and our 250g tubs (which are specifically designed as an option without bone, to be used with our supplement powder to make it complete). To ensure that your cat gets all the nutrients it requires on a daily basis, we have had to add a very small amount of vitamins and minerals including Taurine, to our other products. These are declared on all our packaging under ‘additives’. However, for every 1kg of meat we mince, there is a maximum of 4g of additives, so it is an extremely small percentage.

What are additives?

We only use “Nutritional Additives”, which are used for the purpose of fortifying & enriching our prepared meals, in order to correct any dietary deficiencies, as it is impossible to replicate the exact balance & diversity of nutrients, to those found in a cat's natural prey. Vitamins & minerals have been added to enrich the nutritional value of Purrform products.

80-10-10 ratio: ‘myth’ or ‘fad for cats’ on a raw diet?

Both! In the wild, cats would hunt, kill and eat a variety of prey. They would eat muscle meat, offal, feathers or fur etc… All this variety of prey would provide the cat with a balanced and complete diet. At Purrform, we have tried to replicate this, but we could not replicate this entirely, as we don’t mince fur, feathers or other offal/organ, with the exception of liver and kidney (NB. Heart is muscle meat, not offal). Hence, why we need to add a small quantity of additives to replace the nutrients the cats would obtain from these other sources.

What is the bone content in Purrform 70g Pouches and 450g Tubs?

When mincing, Purrform only uses the whole animals. We do not use carcasses. Therefore, the bone content would be the same natural ratio as if a cat was hunting in the wild. As an example, the bone content in a whole rabbit or chicken is between 7% & 10% maximum. We are not able to be more exact, as there is no scientific test at present, that can give us this information.

Does Purrform food contain any other ingredients such as vegetables, grain, starch etc…?

No, Purrform food is 100% minced meat and bone only. Cats only require very small amounts of carbohydrate in their diet and do not possess the digestive enzymes in their gut to break down vegetable matter. This means if they eat these ingredients, they will not be digested & utilised in the digestive system, therefore the cat will not obtain any nutritional advantage from them. They will pass through the gastro-intestinal tract and be expelled in the faeces.

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