About Us

Purrform loves cats

At Purrform, we love cats as much as you do.

We also know that as a caring owner, you want the very best for your precious companion. Purrform helps your cat live the longest, healthiest life possible by providing the ultimate in feline nutrition.

Give your cat exactly what it would choose

Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning that in the wild they eat raw meat. Our recipes mirror this diet as closely as possible, offering 100% human-grade meat, offal and bone with no preservatives or palatant enhancements.

We believe that a cat fed a diet consisting of high-quality meat protein leads a longer and healthier life.

Purrform products are complete foods. They can be purchased in 70g pouches and 450g tubs, and contain all the daily vitamins and minerals your cat requires. Because it is complete, all-encompassing nutrition, there’s no need for any other type of wet or dry food.

As specialists in feline nutrition, we believe the benefits of a complete raw cat food, high in protein, far outweigh processed wet and dry foods.

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What's on the menu?

As PurrForm products are complete foods when purchased in the 70g pouches and 450g tubs, they contain all the vitamins and minerals your cat requires on a daily basis. It is not necessary to feed PurrForm complete food alongside any other type of wet or dry food.

Our food is available in 70g pouches, 450g tubs and 250g tubs.

Our adult cat foods are suitable from 9 months old and our kitten varieties are suitable from 3 months to 9  months old.

The 70g Pouches

Give your cat the choice of standard and premium flavours. These handy 70g pouches are ideal when feeding one to two animals. They’re convenient to store and serve the food, with no wastage. The meat, bone and offal are ground, blast-frozen and vac-packed to ensure the freshest quality. All Purrform pouches are currently available for adult cats above nine months old.

450g tubs

If you’re lucky enough to have a multi-cat household, give your charges these 450g tubs. There are kitten and adult varieties, in several flavours. The adult version has a coarser meat and bone texture, whereas the kitten food has a smoother, finer texture with smaller bone pieces. Ingredients and nutritional values are the same. Blast-freezing ensures the freshest quality.

250g tubs

This range is complementary, boneless and suitable for adults and kittens. It can be used with our complete supplement powder to make it a complete meal.

What nature would provide

Cats know what they like – especially when it comes to food!

We have put all our passion and know-how into creating these tasty recipes to give your cat what they really love.

As we produce a high protein, natural diet, your cat can eat less to feel full. Commercial wet and dry foods contain grains and vegetables that a cat cannot digest, giving no nutritional benefit.

As a healthier option Purrform supports your cat’s health leading to a longer, happier life.

Here’s why Purrform is great for your cat and for you

  • Many recipes contain rabbit, an exceptionally lean and high-protein meat. This is useful for cats needing to lose weight – a common issue nowadays, as we have a nation of fatty felines.
  • Average bone content in any of our products is around 8%.
  • All our recipes are made with human-grade meat. We never use scraps or animal by-products.
  • No grains, fillers, palatant enhancements, vegetables or herbs.
  • Because cats have evolved to derive most of their daily water requirement from their food, our recipes are naturally high in moisture.
  • Our foods are high in taurine, so you don’t have to add any extra. 
  • Our recipes are carefully balanced to contain the correct ratio of meat to bone and offal. 
  • Our foods are packaged in different portion sizes to suit households with different numbers of cats and make them convenient for storing and serving. The 70g pouches are ideal for single cat households, as there will be no wastage.
  • Our ingredients are minced from fresh, then immediately blast-frozen to lock in the flavour and give them a soft consistency when defrosted.

Purrform are totally open about the composition of our foods.

We’re happy to tell our customers what’s in our natural products.

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Benefits of feeding your cat a complete raw food diet

  • Softer and shinier coat.
  • Smaller, more compact stools with less odour.
  • Increased energy.
  • Greater alertness.
  • Better oral health.

You and your pet have everything to gain.