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About us

PurrForm, simply pure and natural recipes are based on the company’s philosophy that a cat is an obligate carnivore and therefore should be fed on real raw meat and bone with no preservatives or any palatant enhancements.

PurrForm recipes are a complete raw diet , grain-free,  high in protein, containing only what a cat would eat in the wild. Our recipes are made with 100% human grade meat which includes raw meat, offal and finely ground bones and all our meats are carefully selected to give your cat the meal that it deserves. We believe that a cat fed a diet consisting of protein leads a longer and healthier life.

As PurrForm products are complete foods when purchased in the pouches and 450g tubs, they contain all the vitamins and minerals your cat requires on a daily basis. It is not necessary to feed PurrForm along side any other type of wet or dry food.

Our food is available in 70g pouches, 250g tubs or 450g tubs.

The 70g pouches come in a variety of flavours. This is ideal when feeding 1 – 2 cats and offers a convenient way to store and serve the food with no wastage.  The meat, bone and offal are ground, blast frozen and vac packed to ensure the freshest quality. All PurrForm pouches are currently only available in single minced, which is suited to cats above 9 months old.

PurrForm 450g tubs are ideal for multi cat households. They are blast frozen to ensure the freshest quality. Tubs are available in a selection of different flavours and come in either single or double minced. Single minced is suited to cats above 9 months old, whereas the double minced is smoother, with finer pieces of bone, which is better for kittens up to 9 months old.

PurrForm, simply pure and natural recipes are aimed at replicating what nature would provide. We believe that cats know what they like when it comes to food, so we have put all our passion into creating these tasty recipes to give your cat what he really loves.

There is a lot of information on the web regarding raw food for cats and here are some links;

We try as much as possible, not to mix 2 different meat proteins together in our recipes. The reason for this is to replicate, as closely as possible, what a cat would eat in the wild. A cat only kills and eats one type of prey at a time.

You might think that our products are more expensive than some other raw food brands. There are many reasons for this, which includes the following:-

  • Many of our recipes contain rabbit meat. This is one of the most nutritious meats available. It is high in protein and has only 8% bone.
  • Chicken meat is also high in protein and our recipe contains an average 10% bone.
  • All our recipes are made with human grade meat
  • Our recipes do not contain any grains, fillers or palatant enhancements.
  • Our recipes are carefully balanced to contain the correct ratio of meat to bone and offal
  • We do not use a high percentage of carcasses to ‘bulk’ the food and make it cheaper to produce
  • Our foods are packaged in different portion sizes to suit households with different numbers of cats. Our 70g pouches are more expensive to package but mean there will be no wastage.
  • We do not offer our products in large blocks which are difficult to store and once defrosted, will often deteriorate before being eaten.

We feel that all pet owners should look at the composition when buying food for their pets and make their own judgement on the nutritional content. We are very happy to tell our customers what our simply pure and natural complete diet consists of.  All our recipes are high in meat, mixed with bone and offal, containg all the vitamins and minerals your cat needs.

Feeding your cat a complete raw food diet could have many benefits including a softer and shinier coat, smaller more compact stools with less odour, increased energy, greater alertness and better oral health.

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