Traceability & Animal Welfare

We understand how important it is for you to know where our ingredients in your pet food come from. Our number one priority and overall mission is to provide nothing but the best.

Our Rabbit meat comes mainly from France and all our poultry are free-range and from British Farmers.
In the same way, we produce high quality, healthy, and natural food for the benefit of cats, we are just as concerned for the welfare of the animal used to manufacture our food. Therefore, we will only purchase from suppliers who rear the animals in a human way.


Please select the ingredient and use our map to trace its source.

This is the current representation of our current suppliers.

Animal Welfare

At Purrform, we love ALL animals. Cats just happen to be our favourite! It is our priority to feed all cats the best raw food available. Unfortunately, as part of the food chain, other animals do need to be sacrificed to do so. As cats are obligate carnivores, they do need to be fed a high protein, meat and bone diet, the same as they would in the wild. However, as an ethical pet food manufacturer, our responsibility was to search for suppliers, who provide the animals we use in our food, with the best life they possibly can. We are confident we have achieved that goal.

Whether it is the type of food the animals are fed themselves or the amount of outdoor time and space that they are given, we ensure they are treated as humanely as possible. Believe it or not, the better the animals are treated during their lifetime, the better the quality of meat we provide to your pets, in our food. The Welfare of the animals we use is as important as the food we produce. We are, without doubt, both a company and also animal lovers, who believe that all living beings should be treated with care & respect.