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Product recall

Products Pack Size Batch Number Use by date
Minced Pigeon & Ground Bone with Rabbit Liver 70g 27114979 06 Nov 2022


Minced Pigeon & Ground Bone with Rabbit Liver 70g Pouches

If you have any unused Premium pouches from this batch, please take photos and email them to us at to obtain a full refund.

Purrform has taken the precautionary measure of recalling this batch due to the presence of salmonella.

Purrform takes its obligations regarding pet food safety very seriously and has therefore agreed with the Food Standards Agency to undertake a recall of this product.

Salmonella is a bacterium that can cause illness in humans and animals. The product could therefore carry a potential risk, because of the possible presence of salmonella, either through direct handling of the pet food, or indirectly, for example from pet feeding bowls, utensils or contact with the faeces of animals.

In humans, symptoms caused by salmonella usually include fever, diarrhoea and abdominal cramps. Infected animals may not necessarily display signs of illness, but symptoms can include diarrhoea.

Please always follow the advice on our labelling when handling and serving raw pet food, just the same as you would if handling raw meat for human consumption. It is always advised to clean utensils and feeding bowls thoroughly after use. Consumers should wash their hands thoroughly after handling raw pet food, bowls, utensils or after contact with the faeces of animals. Raw pet food should be stored separately from any food (especially ready to eat foods). Care should be taken when defrosting to avoid cross-contamination of foods and surfaces.

Purrform apologises for any inconvenience caused.

For more information

If you require further details, please contact us on 01442 831330 or email

This issue does not affect any other product manufactured by Purrform Raw cat Food.

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