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Give your cat the best


Feed a raw food diet for a lifetime of wellbeing.


Our complete raw food allows you to give your cat all the nutrients they need in one dish, in a range of convenient pouches to suit a modern lifestyle.


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Why feed raw?

  • H

    Healthier appearance and shiner, softer coat

  • E

    Eyesight is improved through the high taurine content

  • A

    Agility and increased energy levels

  • L

    Longevity, guarding against a lifetime of illness and reducing trips to the vet

  • T

    Teeth and better overall oral health

  • H

    Happiness. The emotional wellbeing of eating a satisfying, complete and natural diet.

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The Science

Feeding raw provides your cat with a high protein diet, which is important to feline health:

  • protein plays a key part in repairing and maintaining muscle tissue
  • provides energy
  • supports overall development and growth
  • helps maintain strong bones.

Something that is also found in a high protein diet is taurine, an amino acid that is essential in a cat’s diet as they are unable to manufacture it themselves. It is crucial to maintain proper eye and heart function and has also been found to be important for growth, reproduction, hearing and immune response. 

Cats are made to metabolise diets that are high in protein, high in moisture and low in carbohydrates which is exactly what Purrform offers.

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Raw for weight loss

Feeding your cat a Purrform raw diet can assist with weight loss. Purrform is a natural diet, that replicate what a cat would it in the wild. It contains only meat, bone and offal and is high in animal protein, making it highly palatable and digestible. This means that most of the food (at least 85%) is digested and utilised by the body, so your cat can eat less to obtain the correct amount of calories on a daily basis and feel full and satiated.

Processed food, such as commercial dry and wet foods, are high in fats, carbohydrates and vegetable matter, that a cat can not digest. Therefore the cat needs to eat more to satisfy its appetite. Rabbit meat is particularly lean, so if you are looking to start weight loss for your cat, we suggest initially feeding the rabbit flavours (with the exception of the Rabbit with ox heart). Check the calories per 100g for each of our flavours on our product pages.

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Feline Diabetes

Diabetic cats are carbohydrate intolerant and respond best to a low carbohydrate high protein diet. A raw food diet like Purrform will help to rebalance glucose levels and the higher fat content can also help with cats who have suffered muscle mass loss. The high protein diet is also essential to increasing metabolism and will help promote fat burning and normal insulin function.

Transitioning to raw diagram Transitioning to raw diagram

Transitioning to raw

Despite Purrform being a natural species appropriate diet, cats have a very delicately balanced digestive tract and any change in diet needs to be done gradually. Whilst all cats are different, this could take up to 1 month.

Purrform raw food should be mixed with whichever food the cat is currently consuming in the proportions shown above. Through the duration of the transition the cat may begin to reject the food. If this happens, we advise to return to the previous proportions to allow the cat time to adjust to their new diet.

Thinking about transitioning but not sure how much to feed?

Try our calculators below.