How much protein are you currently feeding your cat?

Use our calculator below to compare how much protein Purrform provides versus other cat foods

Dry Matter Basis Calculator

Dry Matter Basis Calculator

This calculator will help you find out how much protein your cat is really eating & compare it to the amount in other cat foods. As cats are carnivores, it is vital that they are fed a high protein diet to have a long and healthy life.

Dry Matter Basis (DMB or DM) removes the water from the equation. When foods are considered on a dry matter basis, they can be directly compared to one another. In other words, you can compare a canned food with 78% water, to a dry food that contains 11%, or compare two wet foods with different moisture contents. See the example below:

At first glance, it appears that dry food has more protein than canned food. However, the canned food on a dry matter basis, contains 45% protein, as opposed to the dry food, which contains only 40% protein, when calculated.

The calculator will give you the true content of protein for any of our products once the moisture has been extracted. You will also be able to do some comparisons with commercial wet and dry foods and other raw foods.

Input the % of protein and the % moisture of the food you want to calculate:

Dry Matter Basis

Dry Food

Protein = 36%

Moisture = 11%

100% (dry and wet) - 11% (wet) = 89% dry

(36% Protein / 89%dry) x 100

= 40% Protein DMB in dry food

Canned Food

Protein = 10%

Moisture = 78%

100% (dry and wet) - 78% (wet) = 22% dry

(10% Protein / 22%dry) x 100

= 45% Protein DMB in dry food

Calculating the Dry Matter Basis

Dry Food Canned Food
Protein 36% Protein 10%
Fat 18% Fat 5%
Moisture 11% Moisture 78%