Taurine in Cat's Diet

One of the first reports in the literature regarding taurine was its isolation from ox bile in 1827; hence its name was derived from “Taurus” the bull. That’s why, among other reasons, today it is found associated with energy drinks like Red Bull, fueling the perception of strength and vitality.


Taurine is an amino acid mostly found in muscle meat and organs like heart, kidney and liver and in seafood.


Cats, unlike some other carnivores, are not able to synthesize taurine and therefore must acquire enough additional taurine through diet to meet their needs. Specifically, cats need meat to fulfill this requirement, as taurine is found exclusively in high protein diet.


Taurine is essential to maintain proper eye and heart function. But, it is also found to be important for fetal development, growth, reproduction, neuro-modulation, sight, hearing, blood platelet, immune response, antioxidation, and bile acid.


A species appropriate diet of raw meaty bones & organs is abundant in taurine with many other benefits.


PurrForm foods are packed full of taurine. We have carried out a lot of research, which has helped us to have a great understanding of a cat’s nutritional requirements and to ensure our products are carefully balanced.




We have introduced our ‘meat on the bone’ diet which gives a cat the ability to tear and chew its food as it would with its prey, in the wild.


We have also launched our ‘Raw Treats’ which are healthy, nutritious, bite size pieces, to give your cat a special treat whenever he deserves it! They come frozen but defrost almost immediately.


PurrForm are in the process of developing a ‘Weaning Paste’ which is specifically for kittens from 4 – 8 weeks old, to wean them onto solid, raw food.


The ‘Weaning Paste’ is currently being trialed and so far the feedback and results have been excellent. Once the trials are completed and the data has been fully analysed, we hope to launch this product in May 2016.


As with all our products, the ‘Weaning Paste’ is made entirely with healthy, natural ingredients, consisting of human grade meat.


Should you require further advice or information on any of our products, please either give us a call, or email us, as we are always delighted to assist.