The Power of Protein

The United Kingdom is a nation of pet lovers, and recent research shows that pet owners’ knowledge on nutritional needs for their pet/s, is pretty poor.

The importance of understanding your pet’s nutritional requirement is vital to avoid long term health issues. An inadequate diet in cats can pose serious danger to your beloved pet. Good health is entirely dependent on nutrition.


At PurrForm we have come across an amazing array of unsuitable foods that are given to cats such as pizza, baby food, curry etc…


It is with no surprise that eating the wrong food can be detrimental to your cat, and research shows that one in five pet owners admit that their pets are been diagnosed with medical conditions, such as kidney failure, diabetes or skin conditions.


Feeding human scrapped food to your cat will never meet the nutritional needs and it is also no surprise, that poor quality dry and wet, low protein, pet food would have the same health impact. Apart from their nutritional completeness, prepared pet foods bear little resemblance to the natural prey of domestic cats.


Furthermore, there are also some fashionable trends, such as feeding cats a vegetarian diet, or even a vegan diet. Feeding such diets to a feline is an absolute nonsense and has very harsh effects on a cat’s body.

We all know that all the animal species on our planet have a specific digestive system that is adapted to eat a specific diet. To keep themselves alive and healthy they need to find food and water that they can ingest, digest and defecate accordingly to their digestive system.
Why would a cat be any different? Would we ever think of feeding a cow a carnivore diet?!! No, we wouldn’t. Why? Because the cow’s dentition and digestive system is adapted to eat grass all day long.


So why are we feeding our cats with such poor ingredients and not feeding them what their digestive system can handle, RAW MEAT & BONE. Why is it so difficult to put our heads around it, when actually it is so simple to understand?

A high protein diet is essential, and is a vital component for a healthy cat.
Protein has a key role within the body, such as repairing and maintaining muscle tissue. It provides energy, supports the overall development, growth and maintenance of strong bones and helps keep the immune system strong. The power of protein in a feline diet surpasses any other commercial wet or dry diet, table scraps, vegetarian diet etc…