Why is PurrForm Better?

A cat’s natural diet is meat based and contains little carbohydrate. So cats are metabolically adapted to use protein and fat for their energy sources. Raw meat and bone contains all the natural ingredients a cat needs in its diet.


PurrForm is a complete food meaning it contains all the vitamins and minerals necessary for a cat to function correctly and live a healthy life. A cat can be fed solely on PurrForm without the need to fed alongside other food sources.


The amount of vitamins and minerals in the food are added as per the FEDIAF guidelines.


It is up to the owner to decide if they want to feed any other type of food or give a small amount of dry food to add any variety to the diet or be given ‘as a treat’, however, this is not necessary.


Many processed foods contain only a small amount of meat. In addition, the meat has usually been cooked which destroys many of the essential nutrients, thus causing the need to add in extra ingredients to top the nutritional requirements.


When considering raw food suppliers, it is important to check the ingredients carefully. Not all raw foods are ‘complete’. In addition, some use a high level of carcasses, rather than meat. A high level of carcasses means the calcium level can be too high and the cat may suffer from constipation. A cat does require a certain amount of calcium in its diet but if the level is too high, the food will be less digestible.


The presence of bone is important to provide the calcium required and crunching on the bone is good for the cat’s dental health.